• Website Online Security Notice

    Last updated: November 2018

  • How we protect our clients

    ICBC Standard Bank Plc takes great care to ensure the ongoing security of clients’ assets and personal information.

    The evolving nature of the cybersecurity landscape means that we are continually reviewing the threats that we face to allow us to take appropriate measures to help anticipate issues before they arise and to respond accordingly when they do. We have multiple layers of security protection and will continue to make investments in cybersecurity and fraud-prevention technologies. We provide our staff with training on cybersecurity awareness and fraud protection policies and procedures.

    Clients play a key role in protecting their information and we ask that they remain vigilant to online fraud and scams. A brief reminder of some of the ways clients should do this are detailed below.

  • How clients can protect themselves

    Below are some recommended safeguards to further protect clients from online fraud and scams:

    Email security safeguards:

    • do not open emails, click links or download files sent by strangers;
    • avoid being targeted by fraudsters by limiting the amount of detail in social media posts about your professional role;
    • change your email account password every 90 days and use a strong password;
    • enable two-factor authentication with your email account provider;
    • install anti-virus software on your computer and devices, and sign up for automatic updates to keep your software up-to-date.

    Anti-fraud safeguards:

    • be wary of emails containing wire payment instructions – especially payments to overseas bank accounts or any late changes to expected instructions;
    • always verify changes to payment details by telephoning us directly using a number you already have on record and not one contained in the payment email;
    • check your account balances and transactions for fraudulent activity frequently and if available, enable the alerting facility on your account.
  • Reporting an online security concern

    Please contact your Account Executive immediately if you notice suspicious activity on any of our services or receive a questionable email or text that appears to come from ICBC Standard Bank Plc.