ICBC Standard Bank is committed to Commodities and has identified the Energy Business as a key offering for our clients.


Energy Price Risk Management:

A range of products and structures to suit the differing needs of a global network.

Physical Energy Management:

A range of financial and trading solutions covering physical oil and refined products on land and on vessel. Ability to transact on: Crude Oil (IPE, Brent and Dubai, Condensates); Distillates (Gas Oil, Jet Fuel, Gasoline, Kerosene); Fuel Oil.

Structured Energy Products:

Tailored solutions to meet complex long and short term financing needs.


  • Clients facing oil price risk can benefit from our risk management, including: swaps, futures, and options across a full range of products and geographies
  • Risk management solutions can help reduce cash flow volatility and improve credit standing.

Typical clients

Risk Protection

  • Airlines
  • Shipping companies
  • Petrochemical companies
  • Utility Companies
  • Rising Oil Costs
  • Changing differential between crude and products
Oil Producers
  • Falling oil prices
Oil/Fuel Storage Facility
  • Variable Prices


Below are the typical benefits and requirements offered by ICBCS to large finance facility covering cargoes on sea and inventory tank.

Benefits of structures

  • Can be structured as a Trade or Finance deal
  • Can reduce cost of finance significantly
  • Does not use traditional credit lines
  • Can provide complete refinery/trading flexibility
  • Release value of crude/products in inventory/case release
  • Ability to blend and manage stocks efficiently
  • Allows build-up of stocks in contango returns

Operational continuity

  • Flexibility on timing of purchases and repurchases
  • Flexibility on grade purchased
  • Flexibility to blend at refinery or storage
  • Ability to move around tanks
  • Ability to blend intermediaries into crude oil or products
  • Minimise 3rd party involvement at site
  • Flexibility on hedging strategy
  • Retain all current operational departments


  • No comingling of ownership
    • Single owner of all crude at refinery
  • Legal contract under UK law
  • Agreed hedging strategy may require margining
  • Bonded material/facility
  • Title transfer on receipt of payment

About Us

  • An uninterrupted presence in Commodities since 1994 and the Energy sector since 1996
  • Team based in London and Singapore
  • A wide range of products including:
    • futures, swaps (Asian, Bullet, Refinery Margin, Basket), Spreads (Crack, Time, Butterfly)
    • full range of options, including Asian, European and Exchange Look-A-Likes
    • physical energy products – Repos, Financing, Tripartite, Option structures
  • Deep physical market expertise
  • Highly experienced Structuring team producing tailored solutions for our clients
  • Backed by ICBC’s strong global banking franchise

Contact Us

+44 203 145 6860

Interacting Throughout the Value Chain

Seamless Solutions from Crude Oil to Product Sale

Energy Price Risk Management

  1. Production
    • ICBC hedges forward production
  2. Crude Transportation
    Crude Transportation
  3. Crude In-Tank
    Crude In-Tank
  4. Refining
    • ICBC hedges refinery margins
  5. Refined Product In-Tank
    Refined Product In-Tank
  6. Refined Product In Transportation
    Refined Product In Transportation
  7. Consumption
    • ICBC hedges consumer fuel price

Physical Energy Solutions

  1. Feedstock Repurchase
    • ICBC Standard Bank buys crude and re-sells at future date
    • No LC required
    • Clean legal title must pass
    • ICBC Standard Bank responsible for insurance
  2. In-Tank Crude Purchase
    • ICBCS Standard Bank buys crude on receipt into tanks
    • Client buys back crude on just-in-time basis as per refinery slate
  3. Client Owns Oil During Processing
  4. In-Tank Products Purchase
    • ICBC Standard Bank buys product as it exits the refining process
    • Clients buys back product as per sales schedule
    • Product exchange
  5. Finance Of Export Cargoes To Final Destination
    • Asset Backed Lending
    • Factoring (ICBC)